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Sale of used pallets (EURO pallets)Sale of used EURO pallets is reasonable not only from the economic point of view. Today, the usage of used (second hand) pallets allows us to save considerable amount of money as well as to take care of planet’s ecology. Using 12 used pallets  instead of 12 new pallets, we save 1 tree from cutting down, which has been providing 2-3 persons with oxygen throughout their lives.


Used europallets premium qualityUsed pallets premium quality


Dimensions: 800*1200*144 mm.
Loading capacity: 2500 kg.
Use: 1-2 times.
On the appearance they are identical to the new pallets.



Used pallets grade 1Used Pallets (1 Class)

Dimensions: 800*1200*144 mm.
Loading capacity: 1500kg.
Use: 5 times.
Colour: light.





Used pallets grade 2Used Pallets 2 class

Dimensions: 800*1200*144 mm.
Loading capacity: 2500kg.
Colour: dark grey.




Used light weight pallets (800*1200)Used Light Weight Pallets (800x1200)

Dimensions: 800*1200*138 mm.
Loading capacity: 1000 kg.




Used light weight pallets (1000*1200) Used Light Weight Pallets 1000x1200

Dimensions: 1000*1200*138 mm.
Loading capacity: 900 kg.



Covers for pallets (800*1200)Covers for pallets

Size: 800*1200*40 mm.


Video about the variety of used pallets